Stop Getting In The Way Of Yourself

Posted by Kyra Chambers on

2 Timothy 1:7 - God did not give us the spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind.

Stop it.

Cut it out.

Stop being scared.

Stop procrastinating.

Stop waiting for the right moment.

If you're afraid, then do it scared!

I've got a story for you.

I recently started going back to the gym and my boyfriend told me I should start lifting weights.


My stomach dropped to my butt.

I immediately got anxious.

And every girl knows what it's like when you first start lifting.

The fear of going into unfamiliar territory in the gym is so nerve-wrecking.

Plus the paranoia of thinking people (especially men) are staring at you.

Wondering "am I doing this right?" or "what do I do next?" every 3 minutes.


It's annoying leaving your comfort zone.

Especially in the gym.

But I did it.

I wrapped my sweater around my waist and I did barbell squats.

"That wasn't so bad." I said to myself.

Then I did assisted bench press.

"Oh wait I think I like that šŸ‘€ lol."

Then I did every other weighted exercise that came to mind.

After that gym session I was upset with myself for being such a punk.

Like there was literally NOTHING to be afraid of.

I realized I have no reason to be afraid of uncomfortable things that are meant to grow me.

Especially with "be brave" tatted on me.

Anything you are afraid of doing, do it scared.

If you don't end up enjoying it, you'll most likely grow from the experience.

Take this and apply it to everything in life.

Don't let anxiety and the fear of the unknown stop you from leveling up.

Stop getting in the way of yourself.


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