Share Your Art With Confidence

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Many artists never share what they create.


I’m not 100% sure. But don’t be selfish. Please share your work. 

Yes, you might be going through a phase. 

A phase where you refuse to share what you’ve created because:

  1. You’re insecure about it, Or...
  2. It’s very personal to you

But as an Artist, it’s absolutely normal to feel these emotions. Especially when starting out. 

Which is why I want to discuss the importance of sharing your work.

And, if you’re an artist who keeps your artwork to yourself, this is for YOU. Please keep reading. 

P.S. If Art is a hobby for you, that’s cool too.

What You Create Can Change Someone Else’s Life

You are special. You have the ability to create something from nothing. 

That skill alone already makes you different.

Whether you paint, draw, sing, sculpt, create music, or dance. You’ve been given a unique ability for a reason.

It's a gift.

You have storytelling abilities no one else has. Your work can motivate and inspire others.

Because when you create and share your work with the world it tells a story. A story someone reading, viewing, or listening to can relate with. 

And by sharing you might even be helping them not feel alone.

Connect With Others and Make The World Less Lonely

Your art has the power to give someone else the encouragement they need to pursue their dreams.

Despite the negativity that might be present in their everyday life.  

Half the time you’ll never know who you’re inspiring through your work. 

But I urge you to keep sharing. Even if you only get 12 likes on Instagram. 

One of those followers might be encouraged to share something they made because of you. A masterpiece or hidden gem. All because you decided to share. 

And when you share there are others who’ll be inspired to start creating and sharing as well.

Your story is what makes you eccentric. But when you tell it through your craft, it makes you impactful.

And while I don’t want to pressure you into sharing work you're uncomfortable with or not confident in. 

Many artists and creatives have made work they’re not 100% confident in.

But don’t you dare be afraid to post a picture of your painting that took 18 hours because your family doesn't support you. 

Don’t hold back from sharing a poem or song because it’s not trendy at the moment. I just need you to know your art matters!

And sharing your work can change and save someone else's life.

While simultaneously changing yours.

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