14 Art Inspiration Tips

Posted by Kyra Chambers on

Are You Stuck Trying To Figure Out What You Should Create?
Here are 14 tips I came up with to give you some ideas:
  1. Create an inspiration board on Pinterest.

  2. Create a physical vision board.

  3. Write out all the things you eventually want to make on pieces of paper. Put them in a jar and pick one out every time you need something to create.

  4. Remember who you are: Revisit old work, favorite work, past work you’ve posted, recreate old pieces you already made. Try and make it better

  5. Take requests from friends, family, social media followers, etc.

  6. Try something different from what you normally do: use a different medium, try a different type of paper.

  7. Visit an art store! You’ll definitely find inspiration in that creative atmosphere.

  8. Follow along with a YouTube tutorial.

  9. Follow social media accounts that post daily or weekly prompts and art challenges.

  10. Create something with only one or two colors.

  11. Listen to music and paint what you hear. Or the theme behind a song. 

  12. Relocate to a different area with your work space. Try painting in a park or restaurant if they'll let you.

  13. Practice reference drawing while scrolling through Pinterest or Instagram.

  14. Create fan art. Draw a celebrity or a character you're a big fan on. 

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