Drawing Basics for New Artists

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Are you a new Artist?

Here are six drawing tips I wish someone told me when I first started:

1. Draw Frequently

Draw as much as you can so it becomes instinctive.

Your imagination is a muscle. And drawing everyday is your workout routine.

2. Start with A 5-10 Minute Drawing

When I’m having a hard time finding inspiration or motivation to start drawing, I try a quick 5 minute drawing.

Most of the time the intent is to draw for only 5 minutes. But I usually end up sketching for longer periods of time.

This is beneficial before starting a new piece of artwork. And it gets me into a flow state.

After doing a 5-10 minute drawing, I feel more encouraged to work on a bigger piece.

3. Carry Around a Small Sketchbook

I struggle with this one because I don’t like it when my proportions are off from my reference.

Especially when drawing a portrait.

But drawing something you don’t like is still a good thing.

You train your drawing muscle. And now you know what you do and don’t like about a certain technique you've now used.

This also gets us out of our comfort zone. Because the only way to grow as an artist is to do and try new things.

4. Draw What You Love

Set aside some time to do something that isn’t rushed and demanded by someone else.

Being a full-time creative or an art student can slowly take the fiery passion out of our work.

At least for me sometimes.

But only when I don’t take time to work on a personal project. 

Something I’m excited to create.

Which is why everyone should do this whether you’re going to art school or taking commission work.

5. Compare Your Drawing to Past Work, Not Other People’s Work

I really love this advice.

At one point, we or someone else compares ourselves to the artists we look up to.

But it’s so NOT healthy!

Compete with yourself. Not others. So only compare your current work to your past work.

That's the best form of critique when it comes to ones artwork.

And you’ll clearly see the growth and progress you’ve made over time.

You might even get some new inspiration from a certain technique or style you use to do. But not as often anymore.

6. Understand - Nobody's Perfect

Not even the successful artists that are well known.

They all started from zero and will continue to progress with their work.

There’s no cap to our growth as artists.

So don’t compare your story or Chapter 9 to someone else's Chapter 30.

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