Love The Creative Process

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Every master was once a beginner. 

And if I were speaking to myself as a young artist I'd tell myself "you don’t need the support of your friends and family."

I'd tell her you've found your calling. 

This is what you’re meant to do. Create.

But this phase is one of the hardest parts of becoming an artist.

You’re just starting out and you’re excited to explore what more you can do.

But don't allow that excitement to be trumped by the insecurities you’ve developed.

What you have is special. Try your best to keep it to yourself.

The more access you give people, the more manipulated and corrupted your thoughts get towards your work.

This is your gift from God. But it's a sprout. And it's fragile.

It will take time to grow.

So Nurture Your Talent

Give it lots of love, attention, sunshine and water.

Because being around the wrong environment can be damaging to its growth.

So keep your ideas and dreams to yourself as best you can.

Not forever. But at least for now. 

I know you’re a bit of a people-pleaser. But I promise you don’t need anyone’s approval.

And take no one’s opinion to heart. Even when you don’t ask for it.

Instead, practice. And practice as much as you can.

Fall in love with the process.

Not Everyone Will Understand Your Journey

Your family will have toxic responses and criticism because you’re going against the grain.

You're not doing what THEY want. 

They haven’t seen a successful artist before. So it’ll be hard for them to picture that as your reality.

But do you.

You've got one life.

Live it and focus on your hobbies, art, and what you want. 

Don’t internalize their discouraging comments.

Keep working. And keep doing you.

Find New and Different Ways To Learn

YouTube will be your best friend when it comes to learning new techniques.

What they teach you in school you can learn online plus more.

Take your craft seriously and practice everyday.

Not because you need a masterpiece everyday. But because you need to make it a habit.

It’ll teach you self-discipline and you’ll make consistent progress.

Eventually your friends and family will see the beauty of your art and recognize it’s your future career.

And with that comes requests for free drawings. But don’t do it.

Teach yourself how to properly charge for your work and commissions.

Don't be sorry for your prices! And don’t think about their pockets before yours.

What you make is worth every penny.

Just because they’re your friends and family doesn't mean they're entitled to discounted or free work.

If they truly want to support you they'll pay your prices.

And when you go to college choose Graphic Design as a major.

Tell Mom and Dad how much you can make when you graduate.

And Don’t Focus on Making Friends 

They'll come and go. But your work will always be there.

It will last forever. 

And so, with all that being said I know you’ll have a successful career in no time.

But in all honesty if I didn’t make the mistakes I did in the past, I wouldn’t be who I am today. Or where I am. 

Those trials and tribulations were there to make me grow up.

My failures taught me many different lessons.

I wouldn’t have the support system and knowledge I now have if it weren’t for those painful days.

Every moment in my life happened for a reason. So that I could be prepared for the future and God’s divine plan.

P.S. I still don’t like school even if I were to go for something art related.


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