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Hi! If you don't know my name is Kyra.

I’m an Artist, Photographer and Graphic Designer.

And it’s 2021 !!!

I’m Super Excited To Share With You What I’ve Been Working On!

This is my Art Store. Featuring all of my new art collections.

And it means a lot to me because it’s my first time having all of my work grouped together in one spot.

I’m surprised at what I’m able to create. 

Because before 2020, yes, I'd create really good pieces. But I wasn't consistent.

Usually, the amount of time I’d allow to pass between creating pieces would be several weeks. And sometimes even 3 months. 

Yup, I was pretty inconsistent.

But, that’s in the past now. 

It’s All About Growth, Consistency, and Self-Discipline Moving Forward.

I can’t afford to treat my talent as a hobby anymore. It was given to me for a reason.

Not wanting to do certain tasks because I don’t feel like it isn’t a valid excuse anymore.

And trying to do everything at the same time results in little to no progress longterm.

My business partner uses this analogy all the time:

Rihanna wouldn’t have so many platforms like her beauty, lingerie, and skin care businesses if she didn’t focus. Focus on one thing at the beginning.

And that one thing for her, the one thing she was really good at before all her new brands was - Music!

So in regards to my “one thing”, that would be Art.

It’s a gift I was born with. Creating comes natural to me. And it requires very little effort. 

I love painting and drawing. And it'll be the key to me reaching my goal(s). 

I yearn for Creative Freedom.

And Financial Freedom.

Because when there’s no worry of money, there’s no pressure when it comes to making art.

I mean yeah people buy art from artists because of their style and how talented they are.

But at the end of the day it’s still a business.

Artists have to eat. We still NEED to make salesWhich means we don't always create the Art we want to make.

Instead we tend to make the Art people want.

I can believe my work is the best art in the world. But if my audience doesn’t like it, there are no sales.

And I Don’t Want To HAVE TO Work Forever.

I want freedom.

To make art without caring if it’s going to sell or not. 

I don’t know if other Artists deal with this same feeling - pressure. And I guarantee this won't be the case with me forever.

But I still love the process. At least for now. I enjoy seeing the reaction on people’s faces when they understand my art.

I love how I still surprise myself with my work. Even if they’re commission pieces and not something I myself came up with!

But I enjoy it. And I’ll continue to have faith in my journey as an artist. And Trust The Process.

Because financial freedom through creativity is the goal. 

And if you’re an artist, I hope this is your goal too.

So welcome, and see you at the top!

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